Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music   Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition

Celebrating music and artists

The series “The Joy of Music Festival” is an integral part of the Chopin Society’s activities and acts as a linking event between our triennial Hong Kong International Piano Competitions. Since 2011 the Festivals have also acted as the focus of various musical events during the years of the Competitions themselves.

The Festivals have now been established as an important fixture in Hong Kong’s busy musical calendar with the first Festival having been held in 2006, and then followed by presentations in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, by a special event in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

These were ten Festivals of high quality piano and guitar solo presentations, exciting and innovative performances by our resident string ensemble, the Logos Chamber Group, both on its own and with piano, guitar and winds, as well as individual cello and piano special events.

Key features of these presentations have been the performances of the first prize winners of our Hong Kong International Piano Competition held in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2016 and now scheduled for October 7 to 24, 2019.

The Festivals also featured members of the jury of the Competition as well as invited local and international artists and first prize winners of other major international music competitions.

Another key feature of all the Festivals has been the outreach activities in the form of free master classes in piano, guitar and voice as well as special lecture/demonstrations and presentations on aspects of music and of musical performances.

An important part of the Society’s activities has always been the showcasing and introduction of local young talented musicians to a wider audience. In this Festival, seven carefully selected local music students of a variety of instruments have been each asked to give a sample, so to speak, of their art. They will be each playing a short 7 to 10 minutes solo performance before the start of the main seven evening events of the Festival. The Society is most grateful to our artistic advisor Eleanor Wong, for selecting these music students and helping us to arrange for their performances.

The line-up of performances to be presented this year is one of the most varied and exciting we have presented so far.

The following describe briefly what is in store for you.


1) Monday 23rd October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall Cellist Pierre Doumenge and Pianist Pascal Roge will be joining forces to present an evening of cello and piano music by French Composers.
2) Tuesday 24th October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall Members of the Logos Ensemble: Michael Brooks-Reid (first violin), Joel Hunter (viola) and Pierre Doumenge (cello), joined in by Andrea Pino Principal double bass of the CCOHK and Luka Okrostsvaridze at the piano; The four members of the Logos Ensemble: Michael Brooks-Reid (first violin), Magnus Johnston (violin), Joel Hunter (viola) and Pierre Doumenge (cello); and First violin (Michael Brooks-Reid) and cellist (Pierre Doumenge) of the Logos Ensemble and Jinsang Lee at the piano will be presenting three stunning pieces from the Chamber Music repertoire: Schubert’s Piano Quintet “The Trout”, Janáček’s String Quartet “The Kreutzer Sonata” and Piazzolla’s Piano trio: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.
3) Wednesday 25th October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall The four First Prize Winners of our Hong Kong International Piano Competitions 2005 (Ilya Rashkovskiy), 2008 (Jinsang Lee), 2011 (Giuseppe Andaloro) and 2016 (Luka Okrostsvaridze, each one sitting at a piano on the stage, will be taking turns to cascade a set of Preludes and Etudes by Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Ligeti, Liszt, Messiaen, Rachmaninov, Scriabin & Shostakovich.
4) Thursday 26th October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall Continuing with our Winners Series, we are presenting a solo piano recital by Andrew Tyson, first prize winner of the 2015 Géza Anda International Piano Competition.
5) Friday 27th October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall The Joy of Music Festival Orchestra, composed by members of the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, plus the four members of the Logos Ensemble together with pianists Ilya Rashkovskiy, Jinsang Lee, Giuseppe Andaloro and Luka Okrostsvaridze, under the baton of Maestro Jose Serebrier, will be performing five J.S. Bach’s concertos: one for one piano, two for two pianos, one for three pianos and one for four pianos … It cannot get any better than this!
6) Saturday 28th October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall World renowned guitarist Alvaro Pierri in his yearly presentation in Hong Kong will be opening The Joy of Guitar Festival with this amazing programme, joining forces with: Michael Brooks-Reid (violin) in Paganini’s Sonata Concertata for Guitar and Violin Giuseppe Andaloro (piano) in Giuliani/Moscheles’ Grand Duo Concertant, Op.20 for Guitar and Piano and the Joy of Music Festival Orchestra, which will be performing Serebrier’s Adagio before performing the Manuel Ponce’s Concierto del Sur for Guitar and Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Jose Serebrier.
7) Sunday 29th October, at 8 pm, at the City Hall Concert Hall In the First Part of this unique programme, Pascal Roge will be giving a solo piano recital and in the Second Part, he will be accompanying at the piano the Met Opera Soprano Carole Farley, in a presentation of the 40 minutes long, one-act opera La Voix Humaine, composed by Francis Poulenc with lyrics by Jean Cocteau.


Kicking off with the concert to be presented on Saturday 28th October at the City Hall Concert Hall, the Joy of Guitar Festival will continue with four days of a guitar fest, to take place at the Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall, High Block, 8th Floor. Prof. Pierri will be playing host to four distinguished master guitarists, each delivering a 45 minutes lecture/demonstration, followed by three 30 minutes master classes in the mornings of these four days. In the afternoons of each one of these days, Alvaro Pierri will be delivering 45 minutes lecture/demonstrations on the composers he will have featured in his recital on the 28th Oct. followed by five 30 minutes master classes on each day. Kenneth Kwan, as usual, will be providing a simultaneous translation into Chinese.


Wednesday 25th October
10:00 am to 13:00
Piano Master classes by Pascal Roge - at MEGABOX

Saturday 28th October
9:30 to 11:30 am
Piano Master classes by Jinsang Lee - at MEGABOX
11:30 am to 13:30
Piano Master classes by Luka Okrostsvaridze - at MEGABOX

Sunday 29th October
9:30 to 11:30 am
Piano Master classes by Giuseppe Andaloro - at MEGABOX
11:30 am to 13:30
Piano Master classes by Ilya Rashkovskiy - at MEGABOX


Tuesday 24th October
10:00 am to 13:00
Vocal Master classes by Carole Farley - HK City Hall Concert Hall


Monday 30th October - 7 pm, at the HK City Hall Recital Hall, High Block, 8th Floor REBETIKA AND BOUZOUKI: The Greek urban folk music and its stringed instrument. Introduced by Nikos Mitrogiannopoulos, author, film producer and researcher on Greek folk music, the presentation will be illustrated by a documentary film: “I Like Hearts Like Mine” on the life and work of, possibly the most influential composer of Rebetika and player of Bouzouki, Markos Vamvakaris.


The Chopin Society of Hong Kong, throughout its over twenty years history, has supported local artists through scholarships, the funding of their studies in Hong Kong and overseas and by presenting them to public recitals in Hong Kong and in other countries as well as recording them for the Society’s record label The Alpha Omega Sound.

The Society has now implemented an innovative programme for our young artists.

Audiences in general are always eager to attend presentations of artists who have already carved a place in their performing careers, and the Society’s presentations are no exception in acknowledging and trying to fulfill these expectations. The Society is, of course, very proud to present to the public in Hong Kong great artists who have gone through that long and arduous path until they are acknowledged and their presentations are eagerly awaited by the audiences.
Undoubtedly, a very special talent and a very strong self-discipline are essential ingredients in managing to go through this path. But there are many factors that contribute positively or negatively to the building of the career of a performing artist. Some artists will manage to overcome all obstacles and continue all through their lives in this voyage of discovery. Others will be forced to choose alternative paths in their lives. Who knows? Only time can tell!

The Chopin Society is now offering its audiences the opportunity to listen to some of those promising, budding young artists who, in general, given their young age, have not yet had the chance to be presented in front of an unfamiliar audience and to perform in the big concert hall.

Incidentally - people are usually familiar with opening, warm-up or supporting acts that perform at a concert before the main or featured act is presented. The use of warm-up acts is a general practice in “pop concerts” but it is not something that has been practiced in the more conventional format of classical music presentations.

With this in mind, we have asked one of Hong Kong’s leading artists and doyenne of piano teachers, who has been so generously offering the Society her contribution as artistic advisor for so many years, Prof. Eleanor Wong, to identify some of these young promising artists and offer them the opportunity to play for five to ten minutes only, in the City Hall Concert Hall, in front of a large audience, inspired by the fact that their playing will be followed by a full performance by established artists who are an example to be followed.

Their appearance is not there to offer opportunity for comparisons or criticisms, neither, in any way, is their presence to detract from what follows after their brief appearance, the performances of fully seasoned and mature artists. But their presence is a salute to these young talents and it is the Society’s way of giving them the chance to share briefly the limelight with their older and far more experienced colleagues.

At the time of going to press with this information we have not finalized the programmes of these young artists. Their names, instruments and programmes will appear in the official programme pages of the seven evening performances of the Festival. We will also provide advance and updated information about their performances through our internet site and Facebook page.

The Society welcomes all of you to this Festival and, as always, extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to our sponsors (listed separately in this leaflet) whose generosity has made this series of events possible.

Enjoy !


Dr Andrew Freris
The Chopin Society of Hong Kong Ltd.


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